Beech looking at, literally, nothing.
Race Earth Pony
Sex Female
Residence Canterlot
Occupation Alchemist/Shaman
Other Information
Nicknames Beech

Beechie Beechums Bumblebeech (Nightmare Night only)

Family Alder (Adoptive Father)

Beechwood is a blind earth pony currently living in Canterlot. She is surprisingly outgoing for one who cannot see. Logical, yet naive, she is always happy to make a new friend.

Appearance Edit

Beechwood is rather frail and short for an earth pony. She barely stands higher than a slightly matured filly. Her coat is a sandy yellow and soft like rabbit fur after drinking a potion that softens the coat. Her mane is a moderate length in the front while longer in the back, and is a pale green. Beechwood is blind because her eye's lenses have been clouded. Her eye color is a bright turquoise that is shaded by her white lenses.