Clients: Tricks and TradeEdit


Before​ you can join the server, you need a client.


>This client is usually less stable than its younger sister, the Babscon client. However, it allows you to use special Tiny Pony and Giant Pony codes, and in some situations may be a more stable choice.



>This client is more stable in most situations, but doesn't allow the use of Tiny Pony or Giant Pony codes.


Extract the files of the client to thier own folder.

>Private Servers Mod

This mod is a must for getting on private servers, like the /mlp/ private servers.

Download Mod Here

Extract server files to thier own folder. Then, copy the files inside the folder to the client folder. MAKE SURE TO OVERWRITE ANY FILES IT BRINGS UP A MESSAGE FOR. Afterwards, use a text editor to open serversList.cfg in the client's data folder (If this doesn't exist you derped up) and add to the bottom of the list:

Online (<insert server name here>);<insert server IP here>;<insert server port here>

For instance, to get to the new Fross server (the one that we use currently), type:

Online (Fross New);;1337

Then save and close, and run "LoE_PrivateServer.exe", then "loe.exe". Click 'Login' (ignore Register), not local login. A list of servers should pop up, choose one, make a pone, and get autism!

'>Instructions for extra cutie marks are 'here , I'll fix this section later.