Usavich Season4 监狱兔第四季 ep12

Usavich Season4 监狱兔第四季 ep12.flv

The example, since no one seems to know the short show.


Flan Cakes

The cuddle pony of both big and small variety, who also doubles as a cake maker. This pony will jump at the chance to snuggle all who wish to be snuggled, even those who don't want snuggles if the situation is right. Flan Cakes is often mistaken for Flan when called Flan around new ponies, they have no relations to each other, nor do they work at the same place.


The appearance of Flan changes at times, ranging from a very tiny stallion with a lot love in him, or an amazon mare with a lot of fluff and plush to her, otherwise the flan coloring is how you will spot him/her. Flan's changes are from poison joke, which not only changes size and gender, but race as well. Tiny Flan is an Earth Pony while big Flan is a Unicorn, her horn is not visible thanks to a special talent she holds dear.


Before poison joke.


After poison joke.


Flan Cakes lives amongst the ponies and the creatures of the Everfree, regardless of size. No one quite understands why, or even cares why, Flan sees the Everfree as a peaceful home with all the 'friendly' creatures, but they keep showing Flan care eitherway. Everfree creatures seem to respect Flan to the point of even letting her son wonder freely in the forest, but not her friends who keep trying to kill the inhabitants.

Flan lives in a home with her love, Spriggs, and her son, Poison Joke, also two other inhabitants that many have not seen or heard much about. Flan's home is where she makes her cakes, having no place of business anywhere to make them instead.


Aside from the obvious, Flan is about to mold cakes at will, a special gift giving to Flan from her old King. The cake molding is hardly limited, being known to even change a cake to look like that of the pony who requested it.


Despite popular belief, Flan is not a big plushie.

When enraged, Flan takes on the likeness of Kirenenko from Usavich, just like Kirenenko, it is hard to enrage him/her, but it is still a one-sided fight that can't be won.

Flan is not for lewd.