Race Pegasus
Sex Male
Residence Canterlot
Occupation Music teacher
Other Information
Nicknames "Key"


Relationships Married to Pineapple Surprise
Family Father: Blue Valor

Mother: Silk Thread (Deceased) Sister: Dandelion Wife: Pineapple Surprise Daughters: Topaz Star (adopted), Sinfonia Surprise


Keystroke is a tall, slightly skinny pegasus with a long, orange mane and tail and grey coat; and has emerald-green eyes. He is 25 years old. He occasionally wears a pair of reading glasses.


Keystroke is a bit shy at first, but he opens up fast and is always eager to make new friends. He considers his friends like family, and will do whatever it takes to protect them, even if it means doing something beyond what he's capable of. He hates being angry, especially towards the ones he loves, so he often buries his negative emotions.


For Keystroke, music is his life. Since he was a small colt, his interest in music was unparalleled by anyone in Canterlot. Above all, however, he enjoys anything that entails him being in good company.


Keystroke was born and raised in the same house he lives in today in Canterlot.  He discovered his talent at around 6 when playing his grandfather's old accordion; but he tends to keep the fact that his first instrument was an accordion a secret. He currently teaches music theory at Canterlot University, as well as offering private lessons from his home.

His mother, Silk Thread, died of leukemia when he was 18 years old.  It was around this time he developed a heavy drinking habit that followed him until he was 21. He has mentioned a mare by the name of "Violet" before, and how his drinking ended their relationship, but he doesn't speak of their history together. After Violet left him, he sobered up for a year until a brief relapse that was ultimately resolved due to his determination to win over Pineapple Surprise. He has sold off his alcohol, save for a few bottles of wine.

He walked into the Bathhouse one day for a preening, and met several ponies who would ultimately become his best friends. He considers his closest friends to be Matchstick and Pan Pizza, and the two are like brothers to him. He fell in love with Pineapple Surprise, and the two are currently married with their adopted daughter, Topaz Star, and their newborn filly, Sinfonia Surprise.


  • He has a huge underground speakeasy as his basement.
  • He is the jealous type when it comes to relationships, and is constantly worried about losing Pineapple to another pony.
  • Though he seems frail, Keystroke was trained to fight by Blue Valor, his father and a long-time member of the Royal Guard.