Lucky Chance
Lucky chance
Race Earth Pony
Sex Male
Residence Canterlot
Occupation Casino Owner
Other Information
Relationships Single


Lucky Chance is a tall blonde earth pony with more brighter blonde main and tail. He also has blue eyes and has a silver and grey star for a cutie mark. Lucky is 21 years old.

Personality Edit

Lucky Chance tends to be more or less quite at times, but once he gets to know you he will open more with you. Lucky is always the first to his friends side when needed he likes to be consider the body guard of his friends. He thinks his the most loyal friend anyone could have. When lucky gets upset he will normally just walk away until he calms down.


Lucky Chance was born in Canterlot. In his early years lucky kept to himself with not many friends, but in his teenage years he got into the wrong kind of group and started stealing, drug runs, and illegal gambling. After a few close calls with the law lucky's grandfather took him under his wing. After a few years living with his grandfather and working at his grandfather's casino in Fillydelphia lucky got a taste of what it's like being rich and having your own business, not having to work at all.

Lucky decided he wanted to live like his grandfather. He thought to him "this will be my chance to make something of my life, hope lady luck is on my side." So he thought to himself what he wanted to do and came down to the conclusion he wanted to build his own casino in Canterlot. After getting the bank approval loan for his casino lucky was in shock that he even got it. He thought he just got lucky.

While lucky was taking a walk around town he stopped at Flan's cafe and met a group of ponies that he quickly became friends with.


As much as lucky loves money he also loves music just as much. Lucky enjoys waterfalls, pools, hot tubs, basically anything with water. He also loves spicy foods and apple flavored drinks.


  • Can be a very sore loser at times.
  • Never runs from a fight, occasionally visits the undereground fightclub.
  • Can be overly protective of his marefriends also gets extremely jealous if another male flirts with his marefriends.
  • Never turns down a free drink.