It's time to let the autism flow!

Race Unicorn
Sex Male
Residence Log Cabin in the Everfree

Originally from Fillydelphia

Occupation Firefighter
Other Information
Nicknames Goes by "Match",

"Stickhead", or "Matchie-kun~"

Relationships None
Family Father: Clockwork

Younger Brother: Sparkplug


Matchstick is an orange unicorn with orange/grey eyes and a short, red mane that he leaves un-kept on his head. He is around 19 years old, but is a little short for his age.


Matchstick is an all around friendly pony, but time in the city has left it's mark, as it takes him a while to fully trust others. He is loyal to his friends however, and will do anything for them. He can be a little hotheaded at times due to his temper, but usually maintains a cheery attitude. He will make puns about fire quite often, even though he is well aware how cheesy they are.

"Come on guys, we all know I'm the hottest one here" - Matchstick


Matchstick has grown to love the forest over the years, and can be found in his free time mostly hiking or camping. His affinity for fire manifests itself in his taste pallet, as he prefers hot beverages and spicy foods. He enjoys helping other ponies, which is why he loves his job so much.


Born and raised in West Fillydelphia, Matchstick spent most of his life running from his problems (mainly angry thugs and an emotionally abusive father). With no direction yet in his life, Matchstick wandered the streets of Filly looking for a calling. With no skills he turned to his good friend Officer Gusty Winds for advice. She thought it would be a good idea to go camping and clear his head. Long story short, Matchstick got lost in the wood and discovered his talent: the fire element

With his cutie mark earned (a small flame) and a cleared head, he decided to go to school to further expand his abilities. His school of choice, Canterlot University, is one of the best schools in all of Equestria. There, he learned to control fire, as well as make a few of his own spells. Wanting to use his new-found powers to help others, he decided to become a firefighter.

One night, after a long day of classes, he decided to stop by the local cafe, "Flan's". There he met some ponies who would end up being some of his closest friends.


  • His training as a firefighter has also given him some basic first-aid skills, which he uses frequently
  • Wields an axe in battle
  • His first waifu was Donut Hole (RIP), but was forced to move on when the depths of hell claimed her.
  • His gender-swapped name is  Candlelight