Peppermint Crunch
Peppermint Crunch says hello


Sex Female
Residence Luxury Apartment in Cloudsdale
Occupation National Quality Control Engineer for the Cloudsdale Weather Factory
Nicknames Auntie Pepper

In a complicated engagement, but determined to make things work.

Family Spearmint EXPLOSION: Younger brother


Peppermint Crunch is a pegasus mare with a pale cobalt-blue coat, a violet mane with pale blue streaks and eyes of a pastel magenta. Her mark is of a peppermint leaf pointed up with a purple starburst at its base.


Peppermint, or Pepper for short, is a kind, motherly sort of pony who takes interest in every face she meets. Always ready to lend a helping hoof or a shoulder to cry on, Pepper is quick to take interest and long to forget.


Pepper is always interested in collecting interesting tidbits about everyone, be they stories or images. She prides herself on her "Peppermint Archive". Her private collection is a growing fire hazard, but she is always taking donations and sometimes willing to show off interesting pieces.